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Burning renewable natural resources that are subjected to granulation is considered an ecological and economical way of heating interiors. However, in order for the process to be ecological and economical in the first place, it is extremely important to choose a good quality, untainted fuel, such as Tarskol pellets.

How to recognise good quality pellets?

The simplest solution is to make use of one, i.e. by trying it out it in the boiler stove. Good quality pellets will burn evenly and provide the right amount of heat. In addition, prime quality material will not generate any problems for the feeder – poor quality biofuels, made of wood-like or synthetic materials, or various admixtures, prove to be a frequent cause of feeder clogging.

Let’s also remember that high-quality pellets produce low amounts of ash, in comparison to other products. During the combustion process, a small amount of ash should be created, so the ash tray can be emptied once every couple of weeks at most. It is also vital to add that the ash created by prime pellets is a valuable plant fertiliser.

The quality of Tarskol pellets

Our pellets are subjected to continuous and rigorous inspections, which means we can be certain that our production line generates high-quality granules. Tarskol pellets are made of raw material in the form of sawdust and wood chips/shavings. We do not use any admixtures or ‘enhancers’. The resulting product burns evenly, lively and for a very long time, so with this material, there will not be any need to use it in excess. With Tarskol pellets, fuel consumption is efficient and effective.

The granules produced by our company have a smooth surface and are all of equal size, which supplements the work of the feeder. The combustion process ends with small amount of ash being produced – the ash does not sinter nor cause blockage of the burner. Heating an interior up with our biofuel leaves the boiler room clean, free of smoke, soot, dust and odours. The only perceptible fragrance oozing from the boiler stove is the pleasant smell of burning wood.

Bear in mind that the quality of pellets has a decisive impact on the efficiency of the boiler stove, as well as the heating costs – but also the purity of the air we breathe, in and outside the place where the boiler stove is stored. This is why it is not recommended to purchase pellets from uncertain sources.