During woodworking, sawdust and wood shavings are often produced as a by-product, which until recently was treated as useless waste. But nowadays, pollution-free wood ‘waste’ has been deemed as a desirable raw material, from which organic fuel material with high-calorific value, like pellet, can be produced.

How our pellet is formed:

Tarskol pellets are created thanks to the wood ‘waste’ being tightly pressed, under a lot of high-pressure. We have a constant insight not only into the process of pellet formation, but also into the process of obtaining the raw material from which the said pellet is made, e.g. a wood log/branch which is carefully debarked, sawed and cut.

We have knowledge regarding the species of wood from which the wood ‘waste’ is produced. For the production of our product, only pine sawdust & woodchips & shavings are used – pine pellets in particular are characterised by low moisture levels, ash content and minimal release of harmful substances into the environment.

Furthermore, we do not use wood-like materials for the production of pellets; nor do we add any admixtures, synthetics or binders. In the end, we are able to obtain an economical and ecological fuel, and provide you an opportunity to use renewable, environmentally-friendly energy from recycled product. The only natural product that we use to unify the mass before the granulation process begins is water – it is used in the form of spray or hot steam. Making use of water helps to achieve the appropriate form, texture and structure of the granules, allowing most efficient burning.

The production process of Tarskol pellets:

Our production line allows for efficient, economical and safe production of prime quality pellets. The production process, as well as the finished product (i.e. granules) are exposed to everyday inspections and examinations to assure sublime standards.

The production line consists of machinery produced by many renowned and respected companies. Many Polish and international businesses specialising in the production of pellets use such machinery, and vast other devices.

Pellets are created by sawdust or wood shavings being compressed under a lot of pressure. During the production process, the wood mass is pushed through a holed-template, and as such granules with a 6mm diameter are formed. The friction causes the raw material to warm up to high temperatures, even up to 70°C, therefore the following step always involves cooling of the pellets.

Chilled pellets are then tightly packed inside durable bags with a capacity of 15kg. The bags are very convenient to use, and allow you to maintain a clean, organised boiler stove and the room where it is located. We sell both single bags and bulk-pallets weighing 975kg (worth 65 bags).

We produce 600 tons of pellets every month, and we continue to develop and expand our production.